About Oslo Triathlon

Oslo Triathlon is the oldest triathlon in Norway. Arranged for the first time in 1983 and we have kept it going ever since.

The event is held in the surroundings of lake Sognsvann, a very popular and accessible recreational site for the residents of Oslo slightly North of the city. We consider us lucky to be able to welcome our competitors in such beautiful surroundings while still being within the city limits of Oslo, Norway’s capital and largest city, home to close to 700.000 inhabitants.

The swim leg is held in the Sognsvann lake and the temperature is expected to be somewhere between 16-19°C, wetsuit is not mandatory, but strongly recommended. 1500 m swim for Olympic distanse and 750 m for Sprint and Team Relay.

2012 © Jonas Sundet

2012 © Jonas Sundet

The transition area will be at the lower parking lot about 300 m from exiting the water.

The bike leg runs through a couple of kilometres through a residential area out to Maridalen, a valley sparsely habituated area consisting of mostly farmlands and the woods of “Nordmarka”, a large protected area og woods and lakes. There are even some historic ruins of a church from the 13th century to be spotted along the course. Continue to the turning point to end of the road and Olympic distance competitors turn again at Brekke, at entrance of the valley for a second lap, while Sprinters continue back to the transition area. No drafting is allowed, and riders must hold a distance of 10 m and pass in 20 seconds. 40 K for Olympic distanse and 23 K for Sprint and Team Relay.

2012 © Jonas Sundet

2012 © Jonas Sundet

Back at transition area you head out for a run around the outer perimeter og the Sognsvann Lake. Two laps for Olympic of each 5 K for Olympic distanse and one for Sprint and Team Relay. Drinking stations at 3 / 7 K and in the finish area. Muster your last energy to a final sprint to cheers from the crowds at the arena area next to the transition area.

This triathlon competition ievent is for everyone! We have different distances ranging from the classic Olympic distance of 1500 m swim, 40Ks bike followed by a 10K run, sprint distance (half of Olympic), a super-sprint Aquathlon for the juniors between 13-19 years and a try-tri course for our young triathletes in the making, aged 6 – 12.


Registrations and participant bag pick-up at Sport 1 Storgata, Storgata 22 / Stenersgata 8, 0184 Oslo. Ph. +47 22 05 99 20

Thursday and Friday, August 10-11 between 10:00 and 18:00 hrs.

Saturday, August 12: Race office opens at 06:30 AM

Supersprint Aquathlon : (open for 13 – 17 y):
Registration fee : NOK 250

Olympic Triathlon : (1500 m swimming, 40 K cycling, 10 K run)

Registration fee: NOK 750

Sprint Triathlon : (750 m swimming, 23 K cycling, 5 K run)

Registration fee: NOK 750

Team Relay Triathlon : (750 m swimming, 23 K cycling, 5 K run)

Registration fee team relay: NOK 1150 (NOK 1350 from May 1st.)

The event is very spectator friendly and held on spectacular locations.

Oslo Triathlon is a Norwegian Triathlon Federation sanctioned event all participants are required to have either a membership from their national triathlon federation or to purchase a  one day NTF membership. Norwegian nationals can alternatively purchase a one day NTF membership when enrolling.

Oslo Triathlon is organized by Sportsklubben Rye.