Sprint distance – Team Relay

NOTE! Some changes may occur. Always check the Race guide for updated information.
Team Relay is our entry level event for those want a taste of triathlon, but who don’t necessary master all three sports. It is also a perfect opportunity to gather a group of friends or colleagues for a bonding experience, or simply put together an All-star team for the great victory!

Team relay triathlon is a team competition for 3 persons in sprint distance.

It is the perfect challenge for friends, colleagues and teams, where participants master different sports. Each team consists of a swimmer, a cyclist and a runner. The lowest age limit is 16 years.
You can change up to 2 of the 3 participants on the team at no extra cost until the date of the convention

The course:

  • The swim course is in Lake Sognsvann
  • The bike course runs through Maridalen (1 lap) via Sognsveien and Carl Kjelsens vei.
  • The running course is around Lake Sognsvann (1 laps)


  • 750 meters Swim
  • 23 K Bike
  • 5 K Run

Check in and starting procedure

The transition area is for participants only and a valid race BIB is required to enter. At check-in, the bicycle brakes are checked and we control that the helmet is CE marked and sits correctly on the head, i.e., that the straps are sufficiently tightened. We really appreciate that all participants check this before check in to avoid unnecessary queuing.

Participants are assigned a spot in the transition area that is marked with your starting number. This space is at your disposal, however bags, backpacks etc. must be labeled with the luggage tag and stored in the designated area along the lower fence. Participants are encouraged to organize their equipment to assure a fast and smooth transition. The transition area will open at 11:00 AM and close 20 mins before the start to ensure all participants can make it to the swim start in time. To reach the starting line, the swimming participants must cross a timing mat/point to register your timing chip. This registration is important to ensure that your time is correctly measured.

PLEASE NOTE! If you fail to check in your equipment in the transition area before the closing time race organisers reserve their right to revoke you access to start. To make sure everything runs smoothly for all participants is of tantamount importance to allow ample time to check in.

Prerace briefing is mandatory for all participants and will be held in the swim start area 10 minutes before the start.

Immediately after the prerace briefing there will be opportunity for a very brief warm-up in the water.

Relay start time is 13:00

Rules and regulations

The competition follows general rules for Triathlon set by the Norwegian Triathlon Federation (NTF). All participants are obliged to familiarize themselves with the competition rules (in Norwegian).

Categories are according to the Norwegian Triathlon Federation rules and regulations.

License/ NTF Membership

Oslo Triathlon is a Norwegian Triathlon Federation sanctioned event: All participants are required to have either a membership from their national triathlon federation or to purchase a one day NTF Event license. Read more about the license and prices here (in Norwegian).

Race pack

Your race pack may be picked-up Thursday and Friday during race week between 10:00 and 19:00 hrs at

Milslukern Ullevaal
Sognsveien 75
0855 Oslo
Tlf. 23 26 44 30

Nearest stops are:
Ullevål Stadion Metro or Bus

Nearest parking facility is Ullevål Stadion, there is 1h free parking in the sublevel parking garage.

It will also be possible to pick up your start number at the secretariat on race day between 06:30 AM and up to 1 hour before start. No start numbers will be handed out after this time.

The start number envelope contains a race BIB number (please fill in your emergency information on the back side), race sticker set, temporary tattoos, timing chip w/velcro band and swim cap.

PLEASE NOTE! : The timing chip is the athlete’s responsibility. Timing chip should be delivered immediately after finishing. If you bring the chip home, you must send it quickly and within 3 days to:

RaceTracker AS
Øvre Lundenvei 12
3215 Sandefjord

Chips not returned will be billed NOK 500.

Relay exchange

The exchange takes place inside the transition zone at the allocated space according to the bib number. Switching elsewhere will result in disqualification of the team. NB! The entire team should not wait in the transition zone, when the cyclist has entered the transition zone it is not allowed to leave until the cyclist has exchanged with the swimmer. The timing chip is the “baton”; it is attached to the right ankle. At the end of each stage, it is handed over to the next team member, who attaches it to their ankle.


All participants are provided with a swim cap, which must be used. Own swim cap / neoprene cap can be used under this. Wet suits are allowed if the water temperature is below 22 degrees, and highly recommended if the water temperature is below 18 degrees and for anyone who is not a skilled swimmer. Expected water temperature is between 16 – 19 ºC.

The swimming arena is a course of 750 meters, where you round the with buoys on you left side (i.e., you swim anticlockwise), marked sprint-distance. After swimming, one runs up to the transition zone for changing. Swimming is monitored by guards on land, from kayaks and boat with rescue swimmers.


The cycle route leaves the transition zone, takes Sognsveien to the roundabout and onto Carl Kjelsens vei, then left up Maridalsveien. The route continues to Skar in Maridalen, where it turns and returns back to the transition zone along the same route. You can freely choose your bike type. Helmet is mandatory. Drafting is not allowed: You must be at least 10 meters behind the bike in front or pass other participants within 20 seconds. Violation of the rules may result in disqualification.

After mountline, there are 500 meters of narrow path with oncoming cyclists before entering Sognsveien. This is a NO-PASS zone (overtaking avoided).


The running takes place on forest roads around Sognsvann. After 1 round, you run into the arena and to the finish.


There will be drink stations at 0.1 and 3 km on the running track

You will get something to drink and eat after finishing, as well as the opportunity to buy drinks and hot food at the arena.

It is unfortunately not possible to shower/change in the wardrobes at NIH this year.


Oslo Triathlon / Sportsklubben Rye and NTF comply with Antidoping Norway’s regulations. All participants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with Antidoping Norway’s regulations including routines for testing.


All littering is prohibited and results in immediate disqualification.

Time limits (sweeping)

For security and safety reasons, there will be maximum time restrictions. However, the time constraints will be generous. “Sweeping” will be done after the last participant. The organizer has the right to remove from competition any participant who is taken in by the sweep patrol in boat / car / bike.


The results can be found live on Race Result and via a direct link published on our website.


Registration is open from January 11th through July. Registration is non-transferable except in the transfer window from May 1 through July 22, when a fee is applied. No transfers will be permitted after/before this period. Transfers are done through our partner, RaceTracker.

Entry fee

Registration fee: NOK 1150 (NOK 1300 from May 1st)
One-Day NTF Event License: NOK 200 (if needed, see above)

In addition to a fantastic experience, the participation fee includes a training jersey in training quality, a finish medal and a small goodie bag distributed with the start number, for all three members of the relay team.

Registration fees are 50 % refundable before May 15th and are non-refundable after this date.