Kids – tri4fun

Our offer to our youngest triathletes is a triathlon activity, where the kids can get to know the sport on their own terms and carry out their first “triathlon”.
The event is available for anyone between 6-12 years of age (determinded by your age on the 31.12 of this year).

Entry fee

Registration fee: NOK 100

In addition to an awesome experience and feeling of accomplishment, the participation fee includes a swimming cap, finisher’s t-shirt, a medal and food and drinks at the finish.

NOTE! The number of spots is limited. There will be a very limted amount of slots available race day.


Attendance is at 11.15 AM

The children can start whenever they want to between 11:30 and 11:45 and the courses remain open until 12:30, or until the last entrant completes the course.

The swim distance is optional, you can round a buoy at 25 meters or at 50 meters by the bird’s island and you can take several laps if you wish. The depth is approx. 50 cm up to 25 m and up to 2 m further on. It is possible to wade if you wish, or can’t swim. The use of lifejackets, arm floats etc. is perfectly fine! In terms of safety, wading is best if there is any doubt about the child’s swimming skills. The most important is to participate!

The transition zone is at the grass, adjacent to the swim start. NB.: The transition area for the Tri4Fun is next to Sognsvann. It is not the same transition area as for the other races.

After swimming, the young triathletes run up from the beach to his/her assigned place in the transition zone, where you have placed bicycle clothes and running gear before the competition. For those who need it, a guardian might wait by their place in the transition zone to help the child before and during the “competition”. But please be dilligent not to be in the way for other participants.

The bike course heads West towards the sandvolleyball court at Sognsvann and back (approx. 700 m) “Kort løype”. For those who want a bigger challenge, it will be possible to bicycle an extra loop up past the court via Løkka farm and back to the sandvolleyball court (approx. 1100 m) “Lang løype”. Then head back to their designated spot in the transition zone, where they drop off the bike and run towards the arena and finish on the same trail as the adults (about 450 m). Here a well deserved finisher’s medal, t-shirt is waiting, in addition to water, fruits and some snacks.


– Suitable clothing to swim, bike and run in based on weather conditions (and extra clothing)
– Towel/blanket to use before/after swimming
– Bicycle with functioning brakes (required)
– All bikes should have a kickstand
– Helmet with working fastening mechanism (required)
– One pair of shoes used both cycling and running. Clip-on bike shoes are not recommended.

Participants envelopes

Start numbers and participant bags may be picked-up at
Anton Sykkeldisk Bogstadveien
Bogstadveien 2, 0355 Oslo
Phone.+47 22 95 59 70

Thursday and Friday, August 8th and 9th between 09:00 and 19:00 hrs.

Nearest stops are:
Rosenborg and Homansbyen
Nearest parking facility is Bogstadveien 1 P-hus

It will also be possible to pick up your start number at the secretariat on race day August 10th between 06:30 AM and up to 1 hour before start. No start numbers will be handed out after this time.

The start number envelope contains a race BIB number (please fill in your emergency information on the back side), race sticker set and a swim cap.

We know that most parents would like to follow their children during tri4fun and at the same time participate themselves in other distances. We have tried to set the time for tri4fun in order that most can do this, but unfortunately not everyone.
We hope you show understanding for this and we will try to accomodate all parents wishes for start groups etc..

For those older than 13 years of age we offer SuperSprint Aquatlon.

Youth sports is defined by the Norwegian Sports Association from the year the athletes turn 13 years old, up to the year the athlete turns 19 years. Youth sports are divided into the classes Recruit (13-14 years) / Youth (15-16 years) and Junior (17-19 years).

Recruit and Youth run supersprint (half sprint distance) and Junior run sprint. Recruit and Youth Class are competition classes.

For more information about rules for children and youth in Triathlon (link in Norwegian only): Konkurranseregelverk barn og ungdom.